Book an appointment


Book an appointment

Appointments can be made by calling in at Dordon or Polesworth surgery, via the telephone (appointment line number 01827 330267) or via the online booking system called Patient Access (registration is required please contact Lucy Bowman or ask at reception for details).  All clinics are by appointment only, the receptionists will try to book an appointment with the patients preferred GP but if this is not possible an appointment will be offered with one of the other partners.  A telephone triage system is also in place where the GPs will triage your symptoms and book appropriate necessary appointments.  If you feel that you need to be seen urgently please make this known to the receptionist who will inform the Duty doctor.

Some GP appointments are pre-bookable in advance, ask at reception for availability of these appointments or log onto the Patient Access site and search the pre bookable slots available. 

If you are unable to keep an appointment please contact the surgery to inform the staff so that the appointment can be offered to someone else.

Nurse and Nursing Assistant appointments are bookable in advance, unfortunately due to the different natures of their clinics these are not bookable via the Patient Access system.

Please note the surgery phone lines are extremely busy when we open with patients requiring appointments, therefore for all other enquiries we ask you to please ring after 9:00am on the enquiry line number 01827 892893.

Please remember an appointment is for one person only and a separate appointment should be made for any other persons attending for a consultation.

Contrary to popular belief the appointment system is not governed by the Receptionists.  The GP partners have agreed and put in place the appointment system where there are a set safe number of appointments per GP to book on the day, once all of these appointments have been booked the Receptionists can offer a telephone consultation; shared equally between each working GP; who will then discuss, treat, manage or clinically advise the patient as necessary.  The receptionists have no authority over the appointment system and cannot provide appointments that are simply not available.