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2013 Patient survey results Posted on 20 Mar 2014



Action Plan

Improving the Practice Questionnaire 2013-14

The practice has made a great effort to improve services offered at the practice. The Patient Participation Group decided it would be best to use the same survey as the previous year so an easy comparison of the results from the two years could be made.

The survey was conducted over a two week period in January 2014 by asking patients who attended the surgery to complete the questionnaire whilst visiting the surgery.

It is apparent from the practice survey results that the overall satisfaction with the practice has improved since last year.

No single area shows a higher rate of dissatisfaction. There are opportunities to raise the satisfaction level still further and improve the overall patient experience.



Action Plan 2013-14


Area For Improvement

Action Agree

Responsibility + Timescale

Patient waiting times

Practice to keep patients informed about waiting times during the surgery.


Receptionist to advise patients when booking in if GP running late and by how long.


Office Manager to keep patients in waiting room informed of GP’s running late and by how long.

Notices to be put up reminding patients that their routine appointment is for ten minutes. Patients are reminded that if they take up more then ten minutes of the doctors time the surgery will run late; keeping other patients waiting.





Receptionists immediate


Office Manager immediate


Practice Manager immediate

Making an Appointment

The practice is aware of increase demand as surgeries are getting busier.


The practice recruited another GP to give extra patient appointments.

Practice recruited  a female GP in December 2013


To improve communication from practice to patients.


To use the Patient Participation Group (PPG) notice board.


PPG to keep the group they represent informed and updated regarding practice services.


Possible use of Polesworth High School news letter.




PPG and Practice






Test Results

Practice to continue to encourage all patients to sign up for text messages. Text messages enable practice to contact patients quicker than a letter.


On going

Medicine Management

Practice to inform the PPG of any updates from the Medicines Management team; for example when there is a shortage of certain drugs




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